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Noir Alingment Chart by Paksenarrion-Reader Noir Alingment Chart by Paksenarrion-Reader
Firstly, I don't own any of the characters. They're property of Bee Train and Victor Entertainment Studios and Koichi Mashimo. Alingments' names (Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Evil and so on) are from [link] . Again, just fitted.

Secondly, the actual description.
Seeing as Noir is anime of the Broken Bird trope, Lawful Good and Chaotic Good are pictured aware that their family is facing grave danger or worse; Neutral Good is mourning her mental sister and/or alter ego, whom she had just killed; Lawful Neutral has just lost everything and in about thirty seconds she will be killed by her mental sister and/or alter ego and the only idol she had in her long, lasting approximately fourteen years life; Chaotic Neutral is training to kill the only family she's got left; Lawful Evil are debating how to decrease the greatest threat to them, because they're not able to erase it; True Neutral and Neutral Evil are dying; and Chaotic Evil is falling into a lava pit.

+ Lawful Good Claude Feyder. Negotiates with the worldwide criminal organization and surrenders his whole life to them just to save his niece.

+ Neutral Good Yuumura Kirika. Being approximately the best assassin in the world, she's afraid of her own skills. And when she realizes that she doesn't really want to make use of them, it's kinda too late.

+ Chaotic Good Laurent Bouquet. If he thinks he can save his daughter from fate worse than death by sacrificing his wife, little son and himself, he will do it.

+ Lawful Neutral Chloe. Blindly believes that Altena knows what is good for her and will make her wishes come true. So she blindly follows Altena's commands. Poor Chloe.

+ True Neutral Milosh Havel. A former soldier of Foreign Legion who paints landscapes in his free time and gives advice to a newly-met girl. And dies about two days after he's first met her.

+ Chaotic Neutral Mireille Bouquet. An ice-cold assassin who looks first after herself and then after the rest of the world. She meets a teenage girl with amnesia and eventually agrees to help her. And then she treats her with absolutely no human feelings such as compassion or mercy. For some time. Then she kills her uncle, the only family she's got left, to save her amnesiac teenage partner. And then she accepts the job from the ones she suspected of killing her family to save her amnesiac teenage partner again. And, of course, she won't praise her even once or tell her that she likes her. Pure emotional chaos.

+ Lawful Evil Soldats' High Council. They rule the world from shadows and have no intention of anybody hindering in that. And they won't hesitate to send trained soldiers to slaughter a small village, if that helps to maintain their power and their kind of order.

+ Neutral Evil Silvana Greone. Scars one of the main characters for life just because she thinks it's amusing. And then she makes use of it more than happily. Remember her Kiss of Death? Uh, extremely long, I would say. And openmouthed.

+ Chaotic Evil Altena. She wants to save the world in her own way, to create the duo of perfect and unbeatable killers who will "protect the grieving children". In order to achieve it, she won't hesitate to sentence countless humans to death. It doesn't matter who they are: dozens of Random Guys in Black Suits, two of the better female assassins in the world, her own supporters or even the one she treated like her daughter. And let's not forget about the Mad Tea Party thing. She has chosen three candidates, but there is room only for two. In order to force the three to follow the path she wants them to, she has told one of them to slaughter the family of the second, and sent the third to watch. Then she "helped" the first one to block almost all of her memories, left the second under the care of a man she had completely under control and personally raised the third as the chosen one to protect the Earth. Thereby ensuring the bloodshed between the three. So the most capable two would be selected.

Side notes:
Had so much trouble to find a named True Neutral in the series that chosen an one-episode-character.
The same goes to Neutral Evil. Except that Silvana is a two-episodes-character.
Altena's motto sounds more like Lawful Evil's words, but it's a sophism. A classical example of reasoning with a hidden logical error, known in Ancient Greece and used to beat someone in conversation. Hence the Chaotic alingment.
Protheeus Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011
A well-thought out analysis of Noir: you did a excellent Job.

I hate "Les Soldats": a part of its members are just corrupt men and women who search for having more and more power (and keeping it); another part are a bunch of fanatics jerks who think Death and Revenge are the only solutions to "save" the world. "Noir" made a deep impression on me. For 3 years, I have been dreaming of a group of characters who meet the main protagonists of this story in order to explain to them that they have been wrong since the beginning.
Revenge and punishment have absolutely nothing in common: the first one contributes to the vicious circle of Violence, the second one may hurts, but give a second chance to guilties: they must understand why they mustn't do their crimes again (although almost all of them know already why; they have to know Human-beings can work together in peace: this is the most difficult solution, but the best one and the most reliable too to ensure Happiness between them). Punishment is a part of Justice, but Revenge and Death will never help Humanity to remove his world from the Darkness, despite what Altena thinks.

This is my point of view. I may be wrong, I don't know what do other people think about that subject.

(Sorry for English mistakes)
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